Between The Dunes – A Poem

Words: Michael Callanan
Artwork: Michael Callanan
I was ruminating on the lunar scape’s illumination
How the light plays on your face and holds me with its incantation
How the shadows dance around your form like spirits machinations
But their plots and schemes and dreams are cause for disambiguation


You walk between the dunes and I am brought to ruination
For your form is earth-transcendent in its beauty new yet ancient
Like an apparition moving through the space between two places
My mind trips when I observe your face and look away see tracers


The thought that you might leave is ill-conceived and surely baseless
But the fact you even breathe is cause for major celebrations
For how could one such as you even exist upon this plane it’s
More than my brain can make sense of so I just accept insaneness


I stand atop the dune regard my shadow long yet shapeless
Then you’re standing next to me the perfect living art yet frameless
Our shadows meld to one and those who cast them now be nameless
For the space between we occupy is ours throughout the ages