Words: Michael Callanan
Artwork: Michael Callanan
I’ve been snorting crushed cicada shells to feel more down to earth
They left my third eye stinging with a vision of my birth
Red compacted clay amidst decaying planet trash
I climbed out of the ground up on a branch now turned to ash
Hummed my first word in the form of question – no reply
That violent silent echo will be ringing ’til I die
I felt the surface tension and the nervous gasping air
I heard the planet sobbing in the midst of deep despair
And so I forced my transmutation into human form
Just so that I could hug the fuck out of this rock we’re on
I’m sorry that we’ve treated you like you don’t feel a thing
The truth is we your children are still learning how to sing
In harmony with all the songs you’ve tried to make us hear
We’ve moved away from nature when we should have held you near
To find harmonic balance with your frequencies majestic
We didn’t hear your song or cries
Or hear your magnum opus ending
I’m extending my condolences to future generations
From now ’til the Sun explodes and causes mass disintegration
I’m not sorry that these thoughts are sad and morbid, maybe suck
But if we don’t do more than nothing then we’ll all be surely fucked
And more than nothing starts with ‘something’
And that ‘something’ could make all
The goddamn difference to us stalling this fast rate at which we fall
For me my ‘something’s’ not always the clearest most apparent thing
But I’m just trying to hear the planets’ song and like cicadas