I’d Rather Be Getting Railed

Words: Faith Thurnwald Photos: Faith Thurnwald Models: Issy Snowdon & Connor Williams
I’d Rather Be Getting Railed is for the girls, the gays, and the theys. A ribbed crop top selection: ribbed for your pleasure. This collection of 100% cotton crop tops, will make you puts down the dishes, take off your mask; and asks for what you really want.
The days of being passive are gone; they’re tucked away under your Grandma’s tit tape. Be loud. Take up space. Ask for what you want. And baby, go and get it.

I could lie to you,
I’d like to lie –
Could even lie through my
But when it comes to you, it’s the other lips I’m into,
They’ll do the talking.
I’d Rather Be Getting Railed.