Notes From A Teenage Girl

Words: Faith Thurnwald
Photography: Faith Thurnwald & Louise Nilsson

It’s 2014 you’re on Tumblr, life’s good. Well, it’s pretty good. You’re bored with life cause you’re a teenage girl. Cheap thrills will do for now; getting drunk on the weekends is admittedly thrilling. But you’re bored with your home and if mum asks you to wash the dishes one more time you might just DIE. You don’t look like a kid anymore – and the men look at you different – but you’re still a kid. You daydream days away, eager to lose innocence. And the boys at school slap your ass cause it’s fantastic.

You’re testing your limits; drinking till you vomit, kissing all your friends and getting naked in drinking games with the girls. You get called a slut even though you haven’t had sex, and you wonder if it’ll hurt. The guys punch walls but you’re the ones that get called crazy. You’ll grow up soon and be more confused. But for now, scrolling Tumblr is pretty good.