Words: Valentino Koch
Artwork: Valentino Koch
Audio: Valentino Koch
I hope the words I choose to use,
Feel the colour in which they’ve been written,
The past difference in hues of blacks and blues,
Spoke truth to those who saw more than heard,
The page, a stage made,
To soak up whatever it’s been given,
Primary designed to be mixed and matched,
Giving life and vibrancy back to the core law of our words,
So tonight….
Tonight will be an essence of stupendous technicoloured effervescence,
Addressing the undressing tropes,
Swallowing any comers,
We’ll whelm in the gorgeous vortex,
Of all texts and fonts,
I want the minor cases to shout,
And the capitals to shriek and bellow!
But it is just ink on paper.
In fact,
This is a pencil unsharpened on a lineless page,
Deemed adequate for a magazine, 
Re-written and featured on a screen,
Titled Shades.