A Night At The Primary Prince Art Show

Words: Faith Thurnwald
Photos: vw.ian
I begin the night with a cold shower, an attempt to wash away the bloody marys of the day before. Refreshed, wined and dined; with the mandatory piece of toast before a big night of drinking, I was ready.
The ‘Primary Prince’ exhibition is to be Brisbane based artist, Numpty’s first solo exhibition and book launch. A man who creates consciously: painting on recycled materials and plays with forces of identity and created character.

I enter the venue backdock arts, under hanging lights, and through wine coloured glasses. The first stop is the bar, then a peruse through the art, after all it’s what I came for. Numpty’s art consists of street meets freak. Primary colours pop from the walls, as almost grotesque faces peer out at you. One face catches my eye and asks me to cream for them, another asks me to take them home… hey, at least buy me a drink first. I feel I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole into a drug psychosis, wherein creepy creatures leer at me from the shadows, did someone spike my wine? However how ominous these creatures appear they bear me no ill will, how could they, they’re painted in positive primary’s.

I quickly hit the bar again; it’s time for a fashion show as Numpty introduces his exhibition and book launch. The catwalk begins (creatures and cats crawling around, what IS in my drink!) with models covered in one-offs, and their heads in books – also a one off for models. Numpty finishes his speech with a conclusion I love, ‘let’s get drunk’, don’t have to tell me twice.


I buy a copy of ‘Primary Prince’, I’ve yet to read as I am now officially a little bitch to the extended hangover; I’m unable to function for 2-3 business days. Sorry if you called or came knocking, no ones home. But before all that there is the inevitable having of a damn good time.


I say ‘fuck that’ to going out in the Valley, and so to the local bottleo it is. Like so many times before the night leads to a dance party in my kitchen, and blacking out before bed. But before we get there things get a little weird, perhaps the creatures escaped their canvases and came home with me after all… I take note of what’s occurring around me, someone’s on the VR in the bedroom, someone’s sweeping the clean kitchen (it wasn’t for long), someone’s stuck in the kitchen sink, and someone’s shaking their ass. The night ends in confusion and miscommunication, have we all become Numpty’s creatures slowly crawling our way into the black out and into your bed?