NUMPTY: Primary Prince

Words: Valentino Koch
Photos: NUMPTY
Locally renowned Brisbane artist; Numpty, is back again! Returned after M.I.A. for his solo exhibition and book release titled ‘Primary Prince’.

Known for his street art style, prominent characters and use of dialogue on paintings, Numpty has made a name for himself in the underground scene. From AV Club to BadOlive and now among the emerging Vent Space team, this is a man who has been involved with some of the best new-wave art in Brisbane, and continues to input and influence future projects.


In the weeks leading up to the Primary Prince event, there have been sightings of guerrilla style marketing from the artist himself, creating his well known mummies on staircases, walls, and floors, with talk of his canvas pieces hidden around the city for people to claim as their own.

From conversations with the man himself, I’ve been told that those who attend the show will be in for an amazing experience, immersed in music, art and fashion, and possibly even a few more surprises.

Numpty tells me the story behind the night; growing from a community that has been built around the arts of the underground and middle class disregard for nepotism, the home of supporters and creatives, influenced by each other and a young man inspired by a city to embark on a new era of arts within himself.


The release of his first book will contain all of his favourite pieces to date, the stories they tell, and the influences that made him create. ‘Primary Prince’ will be a symbol of change; a form of progression and a necessity to move onto newer works.


From the pieces that laid the foundation of style in colour, to the troublesome boy who found his moral character in maturity, Numpty’s ‘Primary Prince’ title implies complexity. The Primary Prince exhibition will be an expression of all of this and a night not to miss.

Held at the infamous venue, Back Dock Arts on the 11th December 6pm – 10pm.