A Perverse Obsession With Youth

Words: Faith Thurnwald
Photography: Faith Thurnwald
Model: Saskia Anderson

The unattainable ideal body for which most females strive, mirrors that of pre-pubescence. The smooth hairless skin, big innocent eyes, ever-perky tits, a petite figure, all accentuated through bubble gum lip-gloss and frilly skirts. These are features of a little girl, but women strive to mirror them. The lengths in which women endeavor to look like little girls is not only disturbingly perverse but thoroughly unattainable, we wax, moisturize, apply fake eyelashes and even undergo surgery. Women imitate the features of little girls and sexualize them, the appeal of Lolita, sucking on a lollypop, the promiscuous pre-teen, the piggy tailed school girl, these sexualized images denote a perverted obsession with youth – why do women want to look like pre-teens and why do men want to fuck them?