Venus – The Little Love Bunny

Words: Faith Thurnwald
Photos: Provided by Venus
I talk with Taylor Lights aka Venus, we discuss Onlyfans, call out culture and fart porn. Of course ‘talk’ is a lose term for fragmented conversations over different social media platforms, corona – we adapt! I’ve been following Taylor on Instagram for over two years, and was always intrigued by her raw and unafraid approach and ravishing cosplay. It wasn’t until I realized she had an Onlyfans, that I felt drawn to making one. Who doesn’t want to get paid for looking sexy and having an orgasm? I soon discovered I didn’t have the work ethic, or the ability to shamelessly self promote.

Q1. Can you make a living off Only Fans? If so how long did it take you to establish? Does it anger you that many people view OF as easy money and don’t consider how much work you have to put in with self promotion and persistent content

I definitely do consider it my job. It becomes super easy to kind of to get stuck in a sea of thoughts about my future and not being able to put all of my experience with managing my OF on a Resume of any kind. I make enough to get me by and I’m really grateful for that, but I’m definitely not like rich from it. I feel like that is a very common misconception about OF, because you hear about the 3% of earners who are influences and already have like 20k Instagram followers. So they didn’t have to put in the same hard work to build a following. They get a bit of an easy ride, as far as they’re not starting from the bottom.

Q2. Do you ever let the stigma surrounding SW discourage you?

I don’t think it ever discourages me, um but it’s a lot. Some days I can have like 20 people saying dumb shit and not be phased at all, but on a bad day it’s a different story.

Q3. Do u believe that call out culture can be a useful tool for real change

Hahaha, this is really hard for me because I was the target of a call out. It was proved to be fake and that really affected my life. I was scared to check the mail box everyday, I was really suicidal, it was a really really dark time. The wrong people do use call out culture as a tool to bully and berate people, instead of as a tool to call out really like serial offenders of rape and domestic violence. I used (call out culture) on an abuser/rapist of mine and that was really difficult because I felt like I couldn’t use my platform (on Instagram) to call out my abuser, because it felt wrong, because of what I’d experienced, I think it should be used very sparingly.

Here, Taylor interjects to let me know she’s drinking to get through the awkwardness of this interview – discussing her trauma to a stranger… I get it.

Q4. Does the current Australian climate, with the outbreak of sexual assault accusations bring back past trauma?

I was in denial about my personal trauma with sexual assault and abuse for like six years and I only came to this realization, like literally a month before all the horrible stuff in Australian parliament starting coming out. So it’s been incredibly difficult, at the least, but I think it’s a really important conversation and it shouldn’t be one where everybody is talking abut it for like a week or 2 and then it kind of fizzles away. It is super triggering but necessary.

Q5. Do you put on a different persona, through dress-up and fantasy, do play into stereotypical heterosexual desires?

I’ve always been a very hyper sexual person, like literally since I can remember honestly. I was always a very horny little kid, it got me in a lot of trouble early on. I think performative femininity in a way is always kind of a character. I definitely feel the most myself, when I’m all dressed up and I’ve got all my makeup on, that’s when I feel like I’m artistically expressing how I feel on the inside.


Q6. Do you exploit fetishes (on Onlyfans), which you don’t necessarily explore in your personal life?

I get requests to do feet stuff a lot, like I’ve never had the urge to try feet stuff in my personal sex life, but I’m always willing to do it for a paying customer.

Q7. Do you find that Onlyfans gives you sexual autonomy?

Definitely, I think it really has been a huge tool, especially as a woman who has been slut shamed her whole life and stigmatized just for being hypersexual. It felt like I was taking my body back and reclaiming it from that kind of bastardization.

It also helped me to feel like I was taking power back from my former self, from sever self-harm.

Q8. What’s the weirdest request you’ve ever received or didn’t accept?

My one rule with Onlyfans is to never create or post anything on there that I wouldn’t be able to live with if it got leaked. I’ve had a lot of revenge porn leaked of me so going into Onlyfans that was a huge thing for me. This one guy (god bless his soul) asked me to create a video of fart porn, hah and I couldn’t. I was like I’m going to have to eat really gassy foods and I would have to sit there and like hah I just cant. If I did that and it was a joke and got leaked, I would fucking burry my head in the sand, so embarrassing! I felt really bad but I had to say no to that!

Q10. Are there certain boundaries you’ve put in place

If you’re going to be making amateur porn on the internet you have to think of the worst case scenario and expect it to be leaked, unfortunately, its intense out there, with reddit threads dedicated to it. OF has rules; no scat porn, your not supposed to pee, no blood and I don’t think your allowed to rape play on there either, just to make sure everyone is consenting, which is fine to follow.

Catch Venus on her Instagram @eatmypuke or her Onlyfans @scorpiosuccubus