LOVE – Poems

Words: Unseen_Unheard
Photos : Louise Nilsson


I break myself to
make myself nectar
for your sweet taste
for black lace and
late night mistakes.
I flutter sad eyes 
as you stutter butterflies
into my mouth,
and I swallow them
like meals I have purged
and feelings I have urged 
into silence,
even when my skin was craving 
your gentlest 
even when I have been
but a dry thirst 
to be loved back 
in the measures 
I kept pouring for you
from empty, 
from the hollow
I wallowed, where words 
churned and turned
into promises I couldn’t speak 
nor keep, like how 
I will be able to get up
after us.
But there is no such thing as,
after us;
we just slumber 
between each tumble 
and fumble,
I only crumble to 
put on another black dress and 
perfume myself
with your ever after sorries. 
But it is a love story, 
I take what I can 
get with you


Who am I 
to build an alter at his ribs;
to kneel there,
to sip that soul
straight from his skin, to take 
his essence 
to the back of my throat 
where I hum unholy hymns 
of longing to belong 
there, a gargling madness 
of wasted love 


Who am I 
to carve our names 
into eternity, to cut my earthquake
into trembles 
and lay them 
at his feet like a burnt offering, who am I
to burden him
with my blaze, with my wounded gaze
of hopeless adoration;
a raging wildflower 
claiming his untrained hands to tame me


Who am I 
to go here, to go this far,
to bend at such uncomfortable angles,
to break at my own will, to tangle 
around his shadows to outstay 
this invitation
so brief 
in his infatuation, who am I
to wreck whole worlds
to have the crumbs of him;
who am I? 


I feel eerie in my own lingerie,
a blue satin ghost 
of the girl you used to court,
using up all the space 
in doorways and mornings,
watching you press
coffee beans
with a tenderness and fervour 
I remember 
only to envy their aroma;
this is a slow finale