Words: Valentino Koch
Art: Valentino Koch
Audio: Valentino Koch
How can I be this mediocre
Unseasonably unseasoned
No sauce
Battered and cut
Like this cutlet of fresh fish fried from a dilapidated highway side pub
Served on a coaster that’s suppose to
Soak in the fat, oil and grease
This is a feast that goes unclaimed and repeatedly ordered
Left to sweat in the raggedy rough house
Where the beer taps have tapped out
A glass half existent is raised with the bar
To a bare chair reminiscent of a missing musician
Patrons sit floor board with a case of stairs
And break it down to general managers wear and tare
Even the bar stools can’t stand to be there
Now the pool cues felt the vibe pocketed all the balls
And left on que as though something were skew
But that ain’t nothing new
It’s an empty place, an empty till
How are the lights brighter than the staff
When the electricity bill is yet to see a bill
Even the tumbleweeds are at a stand-still

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