Words: Valentino Koch
Artwork: Valentino Koch
Audio: Valentino Koch
I will be consistent
But I refuse to repeat myself
That’s a lie I tell myself everyday
I have nothing of importance to say
A bad man but damned if I don’t disguise it well
I can skin a cat multiple ways for multiple reasons but more to the point
I’ve never had one
They say don’t eat where you shit
But it’s fine to swim where you piss
I’m a swine in a mud bath content to exist
I intent to persist
I intent to improve
The world is an ugly place
And guess what
So are you
It hurts but it’s true
I don’t mean to be rude no need for the tude
Try to resist your initial desire to smack me
Refrain from your baser instincts
Now what is free will
If not the space for a little wiggle room between a rock and a hard place
For it’s not choice but
Emotion that sets the pace from a walk to a race when confronted by chase
And it’s not choice but
Reaction that contorts the face when eating the lemons that life’s feeding
Even if you didn’t know the taste
And I can say a lot and make it rhyme oh how charming
But does it have any meaning
Any meaning to you
And does it need to
Words woven like chainmail so sticks and stones can’t harm me
I have torn and folded the pages of life’s manual to origami
For I find there are far more interesting stories written by
Kafka, Borges and Murakami.

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