Mumbai Overheard

Words: Prabha Hegde
Photos: Faith Thurnwald

Holding A Cup

The way you hold your cup
Says a lot about you.
Do you let your palm
Engulf and embrace the sides?
Probably you like warmth.
Do you just hold its handle?
Probably you have a lot of trust to spare.
Do you hold it at the rim with your fingers?
Probably you are daring enough to go skydiving.
But if you hold it at the bottom
And forget that you are holding a cup
You probably need a new cup of tea
Because this one has gone cold
With overthinking and daydreaming.

Esa Noche Intima

Tracing your lips in the dark
Your hand caressing my curves.
All we had was the now.
The present filled with mad passion,
And a lot of closeness.
If someone could see our embrace that night
They would have written a grand saga,
The ageless romantic kind.
And as we tossed and tumbled
To announce who liked the other more.
We kept falling deeper into each other
I was inebriated with fondness
Hearing your heart beat so close to mine
And I knew you felt it too.
I still sit sometimes and remember
The night of our intimate splendour.
I trace your lips through my memory
Do you sometimes caress my curves too?