The Cakes Cooking in the Kitchen and I’m Dressing Up For You

The cakes cooking in the kitchen,

And I’m dressing up for you.


Red boots and lips

‘Cause I know what you can’t resist.

I’ll even wear the lace that you like so,

S0 I’ll linger on your mind, when

You’ve already kissed someone else’s lips.

And this body is mine,

But you’ve come to claim it.

You want your cake and,

You’ll eat it too.

Can only wish I had all of you.

I wait for you while the cake cooks,

Careless in the carnage I create.

I clean the surfaces

Of anything wrong with this.

I’ll be perfect for you, because otherwise

What’s the point of me?

My cake will be the most moist

And I’ll lick the spoon.


Come eat my sweets,

I bet I always taste the best.