The Bed Head

Words: Faith Thurnwald
Photography: Eleanor Roxborough
Model: Loa

You can:

Bend me in the bedroom,

But never to conformity.

Put me in my place:

Nail me to it

                    Nail me.



Can’t fuck with my head,

Unless it’s banging against the bed:

The bed head.


I was born bare,

So birthday suit me,

I’m a present for you to unwrap:

‘Cause you unravel me.


I’m naked in my feelings for you,

But you’ll never know it.

Never saw how I came as a gift unwrapped:

A ribbon,

‘Cause you got me wrapped around your finger.

You’re so good with them –



If you can do that with one finger, what can you do with your whole hand?



I hardly can care to comprehend!



So, just bang me against the bedhead.

And nail me to the cross of your love.